About Us

What We Do

We started My Virtual Drive to make cloud storage a simple, automatic, and hassle free process because we weren’t really happy with limited space and confusing pricing offered through other “cloud” service providers. We spend much of our time thinking about how we can make our service the most robust, user-friendly, and of course, wallet-friendly available today. To achieve this, we use top of the line servers in different locations in the United Kingdom. Any information that we hold for you is copied multiple times and on multiple servers. What this means for you is peace of mind that your life’s work will be kept as safely as possible.

We’re Growing

My Virtual Drive is self-funded and we plan on slowly changing the way cloud storage services are offered around the world. Our founder run team work hard to offer services that people just like you would love to use every day.

We Care About the Environment

We care deeply about our environment and how our activities affect the future of our planet. My Virtual Drive is committed to achieving a ZERO PERCENT carbon footprint and becoming a Carbon Neutral company in less than a year. We’ve already started the process of achieving this goal and are being audited by one of the most respected Carbon Neutral Certification companies in the world.

Enough About Us!

We’d like to know about you! Please feel free to contact us and let us know how we can improve our services. We carefully read and answer EVERY email we receive. You won’t receive any automated emails from us because we don’t like receiving them from others.